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Personal Training Gym in Barcelona since 2008


In 2023  REBODY celebrates its 15 year anniversary in Barcelona.

REBODY is a premium personal training gym in the heart of Barcelona with services tailored to the needs and short or long term objectives of our clients, for beginners, amateurs and athletes. We are specialized to objectives such as toning, weight control, postural work, increase of muscle mass as well as rehabilitation of injuries, relieve pain and discomfort. We also offer diet analysis and recommendations to improve the diet.

The REBODY methodology is the perfect fusion of functional training and physiotherapy. Starting with the evaluation, analysis and assessment of posture and movements, and according to the goals we create an individual functional training plan, for corrective training and exercises according to the personal objectives and needs. We also offer EMS electrostimulation sessions. In 15 years we have worked with more than 1.500 satisfied clients with achieved objectives.

REBODY offers VIP training in an exclusive, private and quiet environment. The sessions in REBODY are always attended by your personal trainer during the whole session for a more effective and individualized training. Since 2008 we also train personal trainers and physiotherapists throughout Europe and Asia provided by our successful REBODY certifications. The initial session is a single hour of individual training, analysis and assessment of  your physical condition. According to your objectives we prepare a training plan with the appropriate frequency and if desired or necessary a diet plan.

Benefits of the personal Rebody Training:

  • Motivation: consistent, progressive, entertaining and varied training. Short and long term results.
  • Personalized training programs according to personal objectives always attended by your personal trainer.
  • Personalized results: toning, weight loss, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, weight control, pain relief, elimination of contractures, postural work and fitness in general.
  • Maximum efficiency of training with results in the shortest time possible.
  • Security: Guided, monitored and controlled by a qualified personal trainer during the entire session.
  • Diet recommendations to improve performance, obtain results, loose weight and weight control, gain muscle mass or volume.
  • Private environment in private rooms with high quality gym equipment.
  • Learn how to train well and avoid mistakes to train on your own in the future.
  • Simple and effective routine for beginners to achieve safety and knowledge.
  • Flexible and individualized schedule for each session.

With our personal training you will achieve all your goals!

Rebody Certifications

Since 2008 we also train personal trainers and physiotherapists throughout Europe and Asia provided by our successful REBODY certifications.


Rebody PNF Training

Meet our team


Panos Pantas

PhD in Biochemistry. CEO Rebody

Dr. Panos Pantas has a PhD in biochemistry and is working as a personal trainer and international presenter of functional training in Europe and Asia for more than 20 years. He is the owner of the REBODY® center in Barcelona ( for more than 9 years. Panos is the creator of the REBODY® PNF-Training concept. His international team and he himself are representing REBODY® PNF-Training worldwide.

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