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REBODY® PNF-Training is functional training on the basis of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) which is a physiotherapeutic method for improving neuromuscular coordination and motor skills through adequate stimulation of own proprioceptors. The PNF movement patterns form part of any natural movement, providing optimal biomechanics.


REBODY® PNF-Training integrates the principles of PNF and creates a highly effective and safe functional training method that improves everyday life as well as the sports performance.

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Focus areas of the REBODY® pnf-Training seminar:

The main features of the REBODY® PNF-Training are the effective and safe all-in-one movement patterns for improving strength, mobility, stability, coordination and flexibility as well as prevention and regeneration. Classic exercises, such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. will be redefined and optimized. No matter whether sports enthusiast or athlete, anyone can benefit from the REBODY® PNF-Training.

REBODY® PNF-Training is designed for personal fitness trainers, sports coaches and physiotherapists who are looking for a new, multi-faceted, highly effective and health-oriented functional training. REBODY® PNF-Training is not a therapeutic method but provides expertise, clear methodology and effective training tools.

  • Basic principles of neurophysiology of movement.
  • Practicing all PNF patterns with optimal biomechanics for shoulder and hip joints.
  • REBODY® PNF Bodyweight Training to improve coordination, endurance, mobility and stability.
  • REBODY® PNF Strength Training with cables, elastic bands and free weights.
  • 3D REBODY® PNF Flexibility Training.
  • REBODY® PNF Sports Specific Training.
  • Training planning and design for all target groups and needs.

Information and registration

Below you will find locations and dates of the PNF Training certifications


La formación consiste en 2 días repartidos en un fin de semana (Sábado y Domingo).
La formación consiste en 2 días repartidos en un fin de semana (Sábado y Domingo).

Participation fee REBODY PNF Training

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By registration until 4 weeks before the start date Early Bird Fee: 369,00€ net

After this deadline: Regular Fee: 399,00€ net

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Meet our team


Panos Pantas

PhD in Biochemistry. CEO Rebody

Dr. Panos Pantas has a PhD in biochemistry and is working as a personal trainer and international presenter of functional training in Europe and Asia for more than 20 years. He is the owner of the REBODY® center in Barcelona ( for more than 9 years. Panos is the creator of the REBODY® PNF-Training concept. His international team and he himself are representing REBODY® PNF-Training worldwide.

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