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REBODY FTCOACH is a practical, comprehensive and wordwide successful certification for health-oriented functional training since 2008.

REBODY FTCOACH is based on scientific facts and many years of training and coaching experience. REBODY FTCOACH is the perfect combination of functional training and physiotherapy.

The objective of REBODY FTCOACH is to train personal trainers and physiotherapists to become movement coaches. REBODY FTCOACH provides expertise, a clear methodology and effective training tools. This allows the coach to create first an individual client / patient profile, and clarifi this needs and / or deficits, and then to accompany him with an effective training program.


Focus areas of the REBODY FTCOACH certification course are:

  • The importance of the central nervous system (CNS) in the development of each movement.
  • Functional anatomy of the muscles and fascias.
  • Analysis of body posture and the breathing technique.
  • Learn and evaluate functional movement patterns.
  • Training strategies for the optimization and solution of problems of defective movement patterns (corrective training).
  • Central stability training for all fitness levels.
  • Learn to deal with daily physical discomforts and train without pain.
  • Improvement of the performance in the sport and the daily life.
  • Total body functional training and creation of safe and effective training sessions.
  • Understanding of the special performance requirements of an athlete, and promotion of athletic skills.
  • Optimization of mobility, stability, power, explosivity, neuromuscular coordination and flexibility in the context of a specific training plan and design.

Information and registration

Below you will find locations and dates of the REBDOY FTCOACH certifications which are hold in german language:



The training takes place on 3 weekends (saturdays and sundays) i.e. six days in total



The training takes place on 3 weekends (saturdays and sundays) i.e. six days in total



The training takes place on 3 weekends (saturdays and sundays) i.e. six days in total

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Participation fee REBODY FTCOACH

Total price for all 3 weekends

Total fee: 1.200,00€

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Meet our team


Panos Pantas

PhD in Biochemistry. CEO Rebody

Dr. Panos Pantas has a PhD in biochemistry and is working as a personal trainer and international presenter of functional training in Europe and Asia for more than 20 years. He is the owner of the REBODY® center in Barcelona ( for more than 9 years. Panos is the creator of the REBODY® PNF-Training concept. His international team and he himself are representing REBODY® PNF-Training worldwide.

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